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Ready to join our community and get started on your own CrossFit journey?

It’s not scary, we promise. Drop in for a free class on Saturdays (if Saturdays don’t work for you, please contact us). We do not do any technical movements in our Saturday classes, so it is an excellent opportunity for anyone to get a taste of CrossFit.

Of course after your first class you’ll be hooked, so we will get you enrolled in our Elements program, which all new members take before joining in the CrossFit classes. Elements, is an intimate setting (max 3 people). Throughout your 6 sessions, you will learn bodyweight exercises, powerlifts, olympic lifts and gymnastics skills. Upon completion of elements you are encouraged to come to as many classes as you can, to really build your muscle memory. From there you are part of our community – a place where we have fun overcoming challenges and discovering that we are more capable than we thought.


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