CrossFit Games 2018 OPEN

Its that time of year again….the 2018 CrossFit Open kicks off on February 22, 2018.
The CrossFit Open is a 5-week in-house challenge. Each Thursday for 5 weeks a workout will be released and we all have until the following Monday to complete it. These workouts are designed for all levels so we encourage everyone to participate! The Open at PCF is a lot of fun! We focus on personal achievements and the CrossFit community. To participate in our Saturday night throwdown each week sign-up on the chalkboard in the office. If you are interested in signing up online to compare your results with CrossFitters around the world, follow the links at and don’t forget to join the Peninsula CrossFit Team! We look forward to celebrating lots of PR’s, community, and obstacles this year!
Casey, Whit, Christina, Stef.